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Business Intelligence

Mevry provides a set of solutions that
bring more values for your business:

Data analytics

We keep tracking behaviors of your customers and analyze the collected data in different dimensions. Useful information such as customer’s geography, historical purchases, buying frequency, devices & social sharing could bring you a big picture of your business.

Products recommendation

We recommend your customers the right products at the right moment. Our algorithms are context-aware and personalized for each customer, therefore, it can bring the best-fitted products to your customers. Optionally, you can parameterize the algorithms to make some bias on new products, promotion products, or specific categories.


Mevry develops applications or plugins for e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce or PrestaShop. Our applications are configurable or plug-and-play according to the architecture of the platform. Complex algorithms are well-packed to bring you great experience in machine learning without any additional resource.



Glazfit is developed for eyeglasses retailers. It enables try-on feature on your product page. It allows your customers to try eyeglasses with their camera or photo. It helps them have great experience and be more confidence when purchasing your product. Additional features such as photo effects, social sharing and direct adding to cart would help you advertise efficiently your products and sell more.


Recommendation Library provides the best performance algorithms that can be easily integrated into your store to recommend your customers products that are relevant to their needs.


Recommendation Library provides the best performance algorithms that can be easily integrated into your store to recommend your customers products that are relevant to their needs.


3D-Face Tracking

3D face tracking is the cutting-edge technology which can detect and track facial points in images or video frames. It can estimate 6 Degrees-of-Freedom (DoF) including three dimensional movements and three dimensional directions of the face. Mevry has been working on this technology for long time. We own several disruptive algorithms which are currently used in machine learning and computer vision research. Our algorithms are continuously improved to ensure the consistency between the tracking system and face orientation as well as to smoothen the trajectory of facial movements and stabilize the tracking system


Recommendation is an important branch of machine learning. It becomes indispensable in any application in modern e-commerce ecosystem. It is deeply exploited by research and industry. Its objective is to predict and recommend customers items in which they are interested. Items can be books, films, music, houses, cars, articles, or other general products.



Mevry is founded by researchers who have several years working in computer vision, recommendation and internet of things. All our founders obtained PhD degree from Telecom SudParis and have been working together since 2012. They have participated in many research projects in France and Europe, in both academic and industry.

At Mevry, we aim at developing and adapting advanced algorithms in machine learning to speed up your business. We help you analyze data, acquire more customers, sell more products and avoid potential risks. We provide you applications or SDKs that can be flexibly integrated into your current platform.

Our first product is Glazfit, an eyeglasses Try-on plugin based on 3D face tracking technology. Second product is RecLib, a recommendation engine running hybrid algorithms. Other machine-learning-based products are on the move.

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